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PKF Doing Business in UAENoted scientist and thinker Benjamin Franklin once quoted - 'When you're finished changing, you're finished'. The vibrantly growing and constantly changing landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) seems to have taken these words to  heart, with honest sincerity. The scope and magnitude of how much this country has grown in character, particularly in the last decade is phenomenal, even by global standards.

It is natural therefore that most businessmen with a keen eye on the new hub for 'world' economics and trade, are making a beeline for the UAE. Whether it is the lure of consistentcy, healthy profits or the zero tax carrot or the once  booming real estate sector, there is no doubt that conglomerates from both developing and the developed world economies want a piece of the pie.

From being a tiny tear drop on the world map to being the most progressive centre in the world for commerce, trade and tourism, the UAE has come a long way. It is only fair that investors should have a bird's eye view and then again a bit more of what it takes to be a part of this desert landscape.

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