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About PKF Brazil

PKF Brazil is a company that aims to be your first choice for auditing, tax consulting and business. We are a member of one of the most respected auditing and consulting networks in the world, PKF International operates in 150 countries, with 440 offices, 20,000 employees, and ranking 11th in the world in the industry. PKF Brazil is made up of entrepreneurs and experts with different skills that add value to customers.


A member firm of PKF INTERNATIONAL in Brazil, our reports have international recognition, as well as our customers in Brazil, which rely on the same professional service of high level in the main countries in the world, consolidating the company's vision: "A Company Solid and Full service."



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Services such as auditing and financial reporting give your business the stability you need to effectively manage and achieve their goals

Our tax specialists provide advice tailored to businesses, entrepreneurs and individual customers .

In this area , our work consist of Corporate Accounting Services , Tax , Labor

To take your business to the level you want, you need money and more than features.

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